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Welcome Headbangers! We are LoqUita and Chiquita, active climbers, hikers and headbangers.
What about this web page? What about the idea of headbanging on mountain peaks?
Sometimes when certain things happen you know this a seminal moment and this is your destiny.
It happend during one of our mountain hikes: Joking about the the fotos we'd make on the cross on the summit of a mountain (in the alps crosses are installed on the summits) - on every peak a foto headbanging - Grrr, der Grausame said - and so he became the creator of our glorious name: 'Hehe, Gipfelmoshen.de'. After a laughting attack for 15 minutes (for two weeks in the case of Chiquita) it was clear: That's it! no sooner said than done - Gipfelmoshen.de was born!
And what is the purpose of this site?
mmm... we don't have financial reasons, we don't want to convince you of any religion, we don't want to huckster weared underwear - we just want to make a platform for freaks like us and bring more fun (and Metal hehehe) into the world and particulary onto the mountains - there are to less of us!
So long - and remember: only a headbanged peak is a good peak.


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